Eric Liang
Full Stack Developer

Eric Liang's Tools

Find a list of tools and resources that I use to help be stay productive, manage my time, and be able to manage my online presence as well as to achieve my goals – whether they are big or small.


For hosting my websites, I’ve tried a bunch, as well as managed a few whether they are for work or for my friends. The one I personally settled with is DigitalOcean, which is a VPS web hosting platform. It’s great if you want to get more control beyond your regular shared hosting plans. It does require more technical knowledge, but it saves a lot of money in the long run.


As far as productivity goes, I use my own startup’s product, which is the Goal Striver app. It is free and currently only supports Android devices. I do have plans to create an iOS version eventually as well as a web-based version, but for now, I’m currently focusing on improving what I have before I jump to different platforms.



I own two laptops, one being the one I used in college, and one that I purchased near the end of college (I needed a faster computer with a reliable battery). The one I find myself using most of the time is my new laptop and that is the Asus G501JW Gaming Laptop. I don’t play games on it, but it has the portability of a Macbook Pro and the performance of a gaming laptop, which is why I chose it. Not only that, I got it for around $900 after tax and shipping. It was a good deal as it looked nice and performs very well sporting a Core i7 Quad Core cpu. I don’t see them selling new ones online anymore (besides eBay maybe), so I’ll give a link to its successor, the Asus ROG Strix GL503.


I make YouTube videos, and I like photography. So it’s natural that I own a nice camera of my own right? With a small budget, I ended up getting a Canon EOS M, which is a decent mirrorless camera. It’s compact, portable, and gets the job done! Thanks to it, I was able to help out at my workplace who surprisingly didn’t have a DSLR with video recording capabilities.


For making YouTube videos, I use a Blue Yeti Blackout Edition condenser microphone for recording audio. I bought this off of eBay at a very good price used.


These are some of my most memorable and favorite books that motivated me to pursue the path of entrepreneurship, as well as to aim for my biggest life goals without downgrading them like most people do. Because of these books, I’ve changed my mindset from what society has trained me to become (which is average) and to aim for something greater.