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When it comes to owning your own website, there's no such thing as a "one size fits all." After all, you don't want to be seen or known as "oh, it's just another _______." One of the main reasons that helped make companies like Apple so successful is not just because they have a great team, great product, or great marketing strategy. It's because they chose to "think different."

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Starter Web Package

Great for beginners or for someone is in need of a small and simple website! I will design and develop a static website (or landing page) for you at a low cost. This starter package includes web design (you can provide your own design if desired), web development, and a basic SEO package. The website will be fast, responsive, mobile friendly, and SEO optimized with a clean and modern UI design layout.

  • FREE Basic SEO Package
  • Mobile Friendly / Responsive Website
  • Fast, Clean, and Modern Web Design Layout
  • Domain and Hosting Setup (upon your request)
  • and whatever additional plugins or features you request...

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Standard Web Package

Perfect for small businesses looking to have a new website or a redesign of their old one. With the Standard Web Package, you'll get a dynamic website that is fast, responsive, mobile friendly, SEO optimized, and a blogging module as well as a CMS so your non-technical team members can update the website without any additional cost. The Standard Web Package also includes the FREE basic SEO package at no additional cost.

  • Everything in the Starter Web Package
  • Content Management System (CMS): Full website management system so you can make edits to your website's content.
  • On-Site Blogging/News Platform
  • Domain and Hosting Setup (upon your request)
  • Basic Stock Logo Design
  • Matching Facebook Page Cover Design
  • and whatever additional plugins or features you request...

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Professional Web Package

For businesses or startups who are looking for a more customized website solution, this package is perfect for you.

  • Everything in the Standard Web Package
  • eCommerce Support with Working Shopping Cart Platform
  • and whatever additional plugins or features you request...

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Custom Website

If you're looking for someone to build a unique website (or webapp) without using a framework like Wordpress or Drupal, then this is for you. There are lots of benefits of having a Custom Website, such as not having to follow the rules of said frameworks. However, by going with a custom website solution, the timeframe will be longer than usual due to the complexity of the website, and can vary from project to project. I will build it using Node.js for the backend and Vue.js for the frontend. As far as the website's design goes, you can provide one or I will design one myself. Do note that if I design one myself, this will extend the project completion date depending on the size of the project.

  • FREE Basic SEO Package
  • Mobile Friendly / Responsive Website
  • Fast, Clean, and Modern Web Design Layout
  • Custom-Made Content Management System (CMS)
  • GhostJS Blogging Module with Custom Matching Theme
  • Custom API Backend Service
  • Dockerized Container Setup (upon your request)
  • Domain and Hosting Setup (upon your request)
  • and whatever additional plugins or features you request...

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Get 2 Months FREE VPS Hosting For Your Website

If you are currently looking for a fast and reliable VPS hosting service for your custom made website, I highly recommend DigitalOcean for the most fine-grain control and most cost efficient solution. You only get charged for what you use. When you register an account through my link, you could potentially get up to 2 months of FREE VPS hosting if you choose their lowest plan. Domain name not included.

Get 2 Months FREE VPS Hosting

Instagram Growth Consultation

I will help teach you some tips and tricks, as well as some strategies as to how you can grow your Instagram account within a few months. We will first start off with a simple audit, followed by a detailed overview of what worked, and what hasn't, and more!


Facebook Ad Management

Managing Facebook ads can sometimes be a pain in the butt. Without the right person, there's a high chance that you'll end up wasting several hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars with no conversions! Why risk that, when you can hire someone who has been down that path before, and learned from experience on what works and what doesn't.

Google Adwords Management

I help small businesses manage their Google Adwords accounts so they can maximize every single penny being spent. This also includes SEO optimizing the keywords being used for PPC, as well as making sure the ads are performing well in correspondence to the data provided by Google Analytics.

Product Photography

There's a saying that goes "a picture speaks a thousand words", which is true especially in a ecommerce driven society. Having a good product photo can determine whether or not a click or sales conversion will be made! I will take photos of your product using my DSLR and edit them. NOTE - You are responsible for providing me with your product(s).

  • High Quality and High Resolution HD Photos
  • Amazon Compliant Standard Photos
  • File Formats: RAW, JPG (unless specific file format upon request)
  • BONUS - Additional product images will be shot for social media usage.


How much does it cost?
The cost of each service varies depending on your needs. The best way to get a quote is by sending me a message via the contact page.
How long will it take for you to make a website?
It depends on the project. Each project has different requirements and expectations. For instance, if you wanted me to create a custom website (doesn't rely on Wordpress), then it will take me at least a month.
Do you charge extra for revisions?
It depends. In most cases, if the revision is something small and doesn't take up too much of my time, I'll be lenient and won't charge an additional fee.
Do you do hourly or fixed pricing?
I usually charge a fixed price. Hourly price is not worth it to me nor for you. The reason being is clients don't know if they're getting ripped off when billed on an hourly rate, whereas for fixed pricing, everything is more predictable for both you and me.
How responsive are you?
If I'm online, I'll usually respond within an hour assuming we live in the same timezone.
Do you do SEO?
All websites come with a basic SEO service package included in the base build for FREE at no additional cost. Just note that it will take time for new websites to show up on search engine results (e.g. I do offer a individual SEO service that extends upon the basic SEO package but that will require an additional fee - ask me about it.
If I provide my own Web Design template, will that help lower the total cost of the service?
Yes. You are free to provide your own web design template if you desire to do so. Yes. I will lower the total cost of the service if you provide for me your own web design template. I would prefer a PSD photoshop design as well as any additional files used in the design as their individual files (pictures, videos, etc.)
Why should I hire you?
I have been learning, polishing, and practicing my web development skills since 2008. I will also be giving you special 1-on-1 attention, and am very responsive. I also have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering.

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