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Eric Liang

About Eric Liang

I'm a self-taught Full Stack Developer with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering from California Polytechnic State University Pomona. I love creating websites, and have a passion in entrepreneurship, productivity, and setting goals to challenge and improve myself. I spend most of my free time learning new skills in web development and digital marketing.

I started learning web development on my own back when I started High School during the weekends and afternoons. Since I started playing around with Wordpress early on, and enjoy playing with Photoshop, I had a interest in front end and backend web development.

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Dec 2008Self-taught How to Create Websites From Scratch
Sep 2010Set 7 Challenging Life Goals to Aim For
Jun 2012Graduated from San Gabriel High School
Sep 2013Read 12 Books in 3 Months
May 2014Started My 1st Startup with Friends - Globestar
Sep 2014Started a 2nd YouTube Channel - Eric Liang
Oct 2014
  • Launched Personal Website
  • First Freelance Gig Web Development Gig for School Club
  • Got My 1st Job at American Creative Team (dba eWonderWorld) Starting November
May 2015
  • Started 3rd Startup - Goal Striver
  • Self-taught Android App Development with Co-Founder and Made Goal Striver App in 3 Months
Jun 2017
  • Graduated from California Polytechnic State University Pomona with a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Computer Engineering
Feb 2018
  • Learned How to Make Websites with Vue.js and Docker
  • Redesigned and Redeveloped Personal Website with Vue.js, Ghost.js, and Deployed Using Docker
  • First Web Design Freelance Gig on Upwork
Mar 2018Learned How to Make A Full Stack Application
Aug 6, 2018Began Participating In The 100DaysOfCode Challenge
Dec 4, 2018Completed The 100DaysOfCode Challenge

Have A Project In Mind?

I'm currently offering my freelance services as a web developer. Let's talk more about your project. I'll see what I can do to take it from idea to a minimum viable product!