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Eric Liang
Entrepreneur, Web Developer, Content Creator
Eric Liang

Eric Liang

Hi, I'm Eric Liang, a self-taught Web Developer, who graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering from California Polytechnic State University Pomona. I love creating websites, and have a passion in entrepreneurship, productivity, and setting goals to challenge myself. I spend most of my free time learning new skills in programming, marketing, or if I feel like winding down, watching a few episodes of anime or reading a book!

I'm currently seeking a Full Time Position as a Web Developer in California. One of my goals is to someday be able to live near Santa Monica, The Bay Area, or in New York City because that's where all the tech and hustle is at!

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Goal Oriented and Self-Motivated

I don't rely on coffee or any other caffeinated beverages to wake me up in the morning. All of it is just through sheer motivation, dedication, persistence, and self-discipline. But of course, I can't deny that I would reward myself with a Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino once I manage to accomplish something significant that meets my standards and expectations. I still don't think I deserve one yet.

Need a website? I've got you covered! Feel free to contact me, and we can discuss what is the best solution to your problem.


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Dec 2008
Self-taught how to create websites from scratch
Sep 2010
Set 7 challenging life goals.
Jun 2012
Graduated high school
Oct 2014
  • Launched personal website
  • First freelance gig web development gig for school club
  • Got my first job
Jun 2017
  • Graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a B.S. Degree in Computer Engineering

My Workflow

  • Research
  • Brainstorm
  • Design
  • Prototype
  • Test
  • Refine
  • Launch
  • Improve
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Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Need a website? Looking for a goal oriented, self motivated, no caffeine fueled individual to join the team? Feel free to contact me!

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