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LastWish is a freelance project I took on to help them design their website and logo. LastWish is a company that focuses on providing a service for people to leave their last wishes so that they can be passed on when their users pass on. The goal was for me to help them design a clean, modern, and professional looking website along with a simple user dashboard via Photoshop. They also wanted a design so that visitors can prep their first "last wish" which will guide them through the process and eventually sign up for an account.

Client: LastWish
Date: Feb 2018

  • Web Design
  • Logo Design
LastWish Website Design

What I Did

My thought process towards designing their website was a full-screen hero section with a few lines of text along with a call-to-action button which will allow visitors to start setting up their "last wish" once they click on it. As the potential user scrolls down the page, they can learn more about some of the key features and benefits of using LastWish. It is then followed by a pricing table where they can see a brief overview of what the site has to offer if they choose to pay for their SaaS services. Then, I decided it would be appropriate to follow up with a testimonials section to help increase the chance of conversions after seeing the pricing table. At the end, I close the process with a call-to-action to encourage the user to sign up for an account. As for the footer, I kept it simple with a brief description about LastWish, some navigation links to the other parts of the website, and the company's contact information.

At first, I started a mockup which was based on a brown theme since most sites that involves the topic of funerals usually revolve around a brown/tan and white theme color combination.

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  • #eee0cb

Upon the submission of this draft, my clients didn't like it, but they did like my approach in terms of functionality. On my second revision, I changed the entire theme to blue, which was how they had their original placeholder site as. I came up with a new color palette, and they loved it!

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Even if they didn't have a color to begin with, I would've chosen blue anyways due to the fact that blue gives a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness. It also helps encourage the SaaS vibe that LastWish is. I knew that the customer profile is that of an older audience who is in their 50s or 60s, so ease of use and simplicity was extremely important.

As far as the logo goes, they originally had a placeholder logo designed for them by a graphic designer which simply had a yellow halo on one of the letters for LastWish.

Now, logo design is not my strong suit. For me, sometimes it's a hit or miss.

In this circumstance, what came to mind was the dove, as doves are most often used or represented in funeral ceremonies. So my first concept surrounded that of a dove. To satisfy my client's desire for a clean and professional design, I thought of potentially taking advantage of using a negative space design for the dove on a blue background. Later, I thought of other scenarios, and decided it would be best to keep the dove as a solid white. Instead of using the entire dove's body, I only had the front part visible. The logo is then followed by the words "LastWish".

I later did a minor redesign of their existing logo in different variations in case they don't like the dove concept.

The Technology Stack

The goal was to design a website so their web developer can code it.

  • Adobe Photoshop: Web Design Mockup
  • Adobe Illustrator: Logo Design Concept Mockup


One of the challenge was trying to lay things out properly since they didn't have any copywriting done or planned out for the homepage. A lot of the stuff I had to just guess or mockup using Lorem Ipsum text. I wasn't familiar with the funeral niche since I am 24. I just did my best with the research I did, and came up with some basic copywrite.

The biggest challenge to me was the logo design. I am not a logo designer, but I did my best. It was tough because their concept is so unique and my lack of familiarity with this niche is what made it hard, as well as the target audience being someone of an older age group. I mostly searched for inspiration by looking at logos from cemetery service sites since this was a topic related to death.

The Result

In the end, they didn't like either of my logo designs, and they ended up hiring a graphic designer to do the logo for them. As for the website, it was slowly being developed. Their developer made some minor changes to the final web design I proposed.

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