Ever since I quit my job at the end of 2017, I have been working on my web development skills to hopefully generate some sort of income through freelancing. I applied to many gigs on Upwork every single month.

I had one freelance gig that my friend whose parent's friend needed a catalog website. Sadly, I didn't do too well on that one. I suck at Wordpress theme development (referring to the harder ones). I also had another gig which was my first one from Upwork which involved me designing a website in Photoshop for my client's startup.

Ever since then, it has been pretty quiet. I only got like 2 responses (no exaggeration) from my Upwork proposals since.

This week, I decided to add one more gig to my Fiverr account, and surprisingly, someone bought one of my older services on Fiverr which involved me coming up with a list of relevant hashtags for him to use to grow his Instagram account. That was an easy $5 (well, $4 after Fiverr's fee).

A week ago, I focused on improving my personal website's portfolio entries by adding more details to the individual case studies. It's good in content, but now, I just have to organize it properly as well as improving the overall presentation.

One of the things I noticed while looking at freelance web development gigs is almost 80% to 90% of the posts that pops up mostly involves Wordpress in one way or another. However, when it comes to more advanced projects that involve the use of Node.js, the requests for these projects are typically a lot harder and somewhat out of my level of experience at the moment. In other words, most of the gigs are on the opposite of ends of the spectrum.

Perhaps its time I shift gears and start practicing my skills as a Wordpress Web Developer?