After 4 months of development, designing, and marketing, it is my honor as Founder and CEO of Goal Striver to announce the official launch of the Goal Striver app. It is now available on the Google Play Store -download it for free.

What is Goal Striver?

Goal Striver is a to-do list app that was built with one goal in mind, and that is to help its end users achieve their goals.

How do you aim to help users achieve their goals?

The Goal Striver addresses the problem that all to do list apps have, and that is the lack of a productivity system geared towards planning out a way for the users to be more productive. My app addresses this issue by incorporating a feature called Action Tasks, which are tasks that the user is required to enter on a daily basis to choose a goal to focus on, and tasks that will get them closer towards their goals. This helps the user guarantee that they will make daily progress towards their goals.

Another feature implemented in the Goal Striver app is a score system so the user can see how well they are doing throughout the day.

Why Android?

It was due to a limited amount of resources at hand, as well as a business decision that it would be best that the app be released for an Android platform first before creating an iOS compatible version of the app.