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A Word From Eric Liang:

I am the Founder and CEO of Goal Striver, or simply put, a young entrepreneur who is seeking ways to change the way the world works. Being born from the lower class of society, I despise being poor. I won’t let circumstances and obstacles in life get in my way, because I will do whatever it takes to achieve my goals and dreams. It’s all about the hustle, the vision, the motivation, the results, the action.

My Startups

Goal Striver – Mobile Application Startup

The purpose of Goal Striver is to help people manage their time better and prioritize their tasks so that it is goal oriented.

MaxRep Tracker – Fitness Startup

With the booming popularity of data oriented and tech companies such as FitBit on the rise, I thought, wouldn’t hurt to join the party! One of the new startups I am currently working on with 6 others is MaxRep Tracker, a fitness tracker for weight lifting exercises.

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