How to Hide Include Layouts in Android Using Java

How to Hide Include Layouts in Android Programmatically with Java

One of the things I love about Android OS is the ability to customize it. It helps me make the device truly my device. The same idea goes for apps. Let’s say you want to give the user the ability to customize the activity’s view layout. In this tutorial, you will learn how to make your code more efficient and towards a DRY concept. You will learn how to hide include layouts in android programmatically through the user of java. It’s simple, and it only involves 1 method.

How to update Your Android App in Google Play Store

How to Update Your Android App in Google Play Store?

So you’ve finally created an Android app a while ago, but found out some bugs and added some more features! Now, you are probably wondering, how do I update my Android app that is already in the Google Play Store? This is the tutorial for you. I will teach you how you can update your existing android app in the play store in just 5 easy steps. Yes, it only takes 5 steps!