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My Freelance Services

I have over 5 years of web design and development experience. It all started back when I was still a Freshmen in high school. Around that time, I got my feet wet into programming, and it changed my life forever. Fast forward to today, web development is one of my stronger set of skills, but I also use it to help others create their online presence. If you need a website that sells or for any purpose, feel free to contact me, and let’s talk business. Simply click the contact link in the navigation above, fill out the form, and you are good to go!

Freelance Web Designer and Developer

WordPress Website

Need a blog? I’ll help you set up a WordPress website for you and get everything up and running for a small cost of $399.

One Page Static Website

Got a product you want to feature? This is the perfect plan for you! For just $359, I will setup your one page website in 1 week.

Custom Landing Page Website

Starting price $199.

Website Setup

Don’t know how to setup a website? Don’t have the time to learn and deal with any potential technical problems that might occur? I will help you get your website up and running in 1 day. Hosting, domain name, and website files not provided. This service is $59.

WordPress Website Setup

Need help getting a wordpress website setup and running? For $59, I will set everything up and running in 1 day. Hosting, domain name, and website files not provided.

Freelance Content Creator

How to Create a Successful Blog Mentorship

New to blogging? Don’t worry, I can teach you how you can get started, and provide a lot of useful tips and resources to help you get started. You will learn things such as SEO, customer research, generating traffic, site performance, and much more! For just $397, you will get a 1 week one-on-one session over Skype lesson.

Content Creation & Copywriting

For a small fee of $59, I will write a 1000 word SEO optimized article for you in 1 week. You can suggest a topic, but I am best with articles that has to do with productivity, time management, study tips, goal setting or something that has to do with “how to”.

eBook Design and Creation (PDF)

Fees may vary depending on the size of your book. Pricing starts at $199.


Business Card Design

For a small fee starting at $50, I will design a business card for your business. Fees may change depending on request for help on ordering the printed card designs.

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